Recent Essays

"Headset Hipocracy"

By the 2020 election, the market for virtual reality is projected to increase twentyfold. That's great news for VR's proponents who relish the technology's persuasive powers, but what does it mean for those inside the headset?

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"Op-Ed: Are scooters a transit solution or a Trojan Horse for big tech to colonize our public spaces?"

Like Uber and Airbnb before them, scooter companies aim to satisfy their customers with little regard for how their businesses affect our cities’ ecosystems. All three services tamper with neighborhood norms in ways that are annoying at first and deeply disturbing upon further inspection.

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Co-Edited Book

Augmented Reality: Innovative Perspectives across Art, Industry, and Academia stages a multidisciplinary conversation among digital rhetoricians, media artists, and technologists who offer ideas for understanding the impacts of AR on public space, political discourse, social norms, and cultural criticism.